Cardboard Boat Regatta

Great Lakes Cardboard Boat Regatta
Wed., August 11
Seabee Park

All teams must be present by 4pm.
Races will begin shortly after judging has concluded.

Winners for each judging category announced at the conclusion of the races.

Entry forms will be distributed to all TSC barracks on Mon., July 12.
MWR will collect completed entry forms from each participating barracks on Thurs., July 15. Five rolls of duct tape will be provided by the MWR Department upon entry.

All other participating teams must complete an entry form located at the Great Lakes Marina (Bldg. 13) by Fri., July 30 and will receive five rolls of duct tape after submitting form. Additional duct tape is allowed, but must be acquired by the group.

For more details, call 847-688-2214.

Open to all hands!

Flyer and Rules & Regulations!